The Top Five Instagramable Places In Atlanta

The Top Five Instagramable Places In Atlanta

After three years of photography, I’ve finally decided that I’m gonna write a blog post. Almost every few months I go digital location scouting to find the top five Instagramable places in Atlanta.

The Bridge at Atlantic Station

I would say that this is the most popular location to shoot. I feel like it’s definitely a great Instagramable location. It’s not easy to find parking I’ll let you know now. But, if you are a photographer it would definitely be a great location to shoot couples looks, graduations, or just lifestyle photoshoots. 

Shops Of Buckhead

My second location is the Shops Of Buckhead. Now sometimes it can get a little iffy there because they’ll hit you with there shooting policy… fast. Where you have to get permission first sometimes they won’t but it’s definitely a place you can try your luck. It will produce great photos either Instagram or for my photographer. Bouns Shops Of Buckhead has so many different locations to shoot that if they acting funny you can go across the street near Navy Federal or go the little park they just built.

Ponce City Market

My third location would have to be Ponce City market I mean there’s just isn’t a bad place to shoot in Ponce City Market whether it’s inside or outside or underneath the awning when you first come in or upstairs or on the beltline, there’s just so many places to shoot at Ponce city market. Parking isn’t free but it is cheap so that’s okay.

The Top Five Instagramable Places In Atlanta

Krog Street

My fourth location would be the Krog Street market so you can either go to the market it’s self or literally the tunnel of Krog Street if you’re looking for like murals. This location is another one where you can definitely get a bunch of great shots there as well. 

Decatur Square 

And for the fifth and final location on The Top Five Instagramable Places In Atlanta, we’re going to stop with. The Decatur Square it’s very similar to the other locations if you notice the trend I like to pick locations that are multidimensional, meaning that you can shoot a bunch of different looks and it will provide a different scenery for each outfit change. I mean in Decatur Square there’s literally about maybe 10 to 12 different places you can shoot to give you 12 different looks. It won’t even look like you’re at the same place.

I hope that this list provides you with some tips to start learning Atlanta and figuring out where to take your photos. I know as a new influencer or just new to the town you may have a hard time finding places. Maybe you’ve been here a long time and haven’t ventured out much. If you’re looking for a photographer I’m your guy. To book a photoshoot you can always click the link to book and let’s make magic.

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