Lightroom Preset: The Brown Skin Effect

As a content creator, you always looking for a way to make your photos pop. So I create a few lightroom presets to get you going. The title the Brown Skin Effect based on Beyonce Brown Skin Girl’s video. We wanted people of melanated skin to know that they can look and feel amazing too.

Learning new ways for your content to stand out in the sea of other amazing content can be a challenge.

We all hope this Lightroom Preset: The Brown Skin Effect help gets you a ton of likes and followers. Happy posting.

Below are the instructions for uploading install the .xmp files into lightroom.

How to install Presets with the old .Irtemplate format?

  1. Open Lightroom
  2. Go to Lightroom in your main menu and hit PreferencesHow to Install Presets in Lightroom?
  3. Click on Show All Other Lightroom Presets in the Preferences MenuShow All Other Lightroom Presets
  4. Paste your Preset Folder containing the .Irtemplate files into LightroomDevelop PresetsLightroom Develop Presets
  5. Restart Lightroom and enjoy your Presets

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